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A Syndication is a collective pool of investors that own and manage actual property or business assets.  Private equity funds are useful investments for those who seek opportunistic or NBM Value-Added Opportunities.  Benefit from situational opportunities that can arise in times of distress, such as Low Initial Pricing, and Purchase-Option Strategies.

Real Estate Syndications
Investors place 72.7% of their total real estate allocations into private equity funds, and only 7.4% into REITs.  90% of all investment in commercial real estate is done through a variety of private or direct real estate investment. 

Business Syndications
Benefit from Perpetual and Exponential Business-Growth Opportunities.

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NBM only works with Accredited Investors. Consult Legal and Financial Professionals before investing, procuring capital, or offering securities.  Investing has risks including the potential of the investment losing value. The services referred to herein are not available to persons located within the State of California.



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