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Q: What are Business Transitions?

“The process of change and continuation of an income producing asset.”

The objectives may be that of a shift of ownership in which a seller desires to exit and liquidate to a buyer that hopes to enter and operate the asset, or to an investor seeking a return on investment or growth opportunity.  In some cases, the principals want to achieve growth by the process of business expansion via increasing both revenue and profit.  

National Business Marketing’s proven transition strategies use a personalized asset analysis, confidential online and traditional marketing methods, and a benefit closing process.   Of course, whether this strategy actually leads to successful transitions depends on the viable business and qualified buyer.  As part of our strategy we use a selective procurement process as well as third party valuation, legal, and financial professionals.

Every transition is as unique as our fingerprints.  Transitioning an asset is a process not an event.  National Business Marketing strategies are active and disciplined approaches to obtain changes in business assets.  They seek to outperform traditional methods. 

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